A new chapter has opened in this cases in 2016.  I will try to have all current filings on this page.  These filing will not have anything to do with Maria Ridulph.  See the FOIA Lawsuit – SPD & ISP  for the 2016  FOIA information.

8-22-16 Petition for Appointment of a Special State’s Attorney due to Conflict of Interest


Docket: https://www.circuitclerk.org/online-records.html

(Case 2016MR271. review Docket.)

ABA article “Crossing the Line: Responding to Prosecutorial Misconduct”: abacrossing

America Bar Association  Prosecution Function PART I. GENERAL STANDARDS:


Special Prosecutor files report –  No harm, no foul: Special Prosecutor Results

Casey’s response June 29, 2018: 16-MR-274 letter June 29 2018


Complaints with the Seattle Police Department:

Det. Lau Complaint – Seattle Police Department – 2016OPA-0937

(Filed 8/19/2016, last status update 9/8/2016) http://www.seattle.gov/opa/check-complaint-status

Det. Steiger Complaint – Seattle Police Department – 2016OPA-1039

(Filed 8/26/2016, last status update 12/6/2016) http://www.seattle.gov/opa/check-complaint-status


FOIA Response Dekalb SA dated December 29, 2016