Below is the picture of Eileen Tessier

(Let’s not forget, Eileen was born Eileen McCullough)

This was the woman who supposedly said on her death bed that Jack killed Maria Ridulph.

This was the woman who Jeanne Tessier said pushed her in a housing foundation and broke her arm.

This was the woman Janet Tessier hurt by all her addictions.

This was Sue McCullough’s mother in law.

This is the woman Jack McCullough describes as a saint.

Eileen Tessier

Below is a picture of Daniel and Janey O’connor (Janey O’connor’s grandmother).

O’connor is not the the birth name of either, they too changed their last name.

Daniel is the one that called John Tessier “Jack”

It is Jack that took Daniel’s name to be his middle name.



Below is  a picture of Jack and Sue, and the daughter from Sue’s oldest daughter Amy.  Yet one more person who has had Jack taken away from.

The picture is from July of 2006.





The following picture is of Sue and her daughters Janey and Amy from 1985.  This picture has zero to do with anything, but since I control the content of this blog, I get to put in what I want.  I just think this is a really good picture of Sue and the girls.

And yes, Janey is holding ET…..


Sue and the Girls 1985