Below is the letter sent to Mr. Charles Ridulph on October 12, 2013.  (PDF –Charles Ridulph Open Letter)

A hard copy of this letter was also mailed to those people listed below.

Mr. Ridulph has responded to me in a very thoughtful manner, and I do understand and respect his opinion on the case though I strongly disagree with it.  The issue I have is Mr. Ridulph’s parents, and Mr. Ridulph himself told the FBI many times the abduction was well after 6:30 pm making Jack’s involvement completely impossible, yet now he believes differently.

Update 4/3/2016 – I would like note that Janey and I do not have any bad feelings towards Mr. Ridulph.  Mr. Ridulph was told lies by men who were in positions of authority, he was used as a prop from the day Jack was arrested by Mr. Campbell at news conferences.  We cannot fault Mr. Ridulph for his venomous attacks of Jack in 2016.  Now that the jig is up, Mr. Campbell should come clean with Mr. Rildulph, and not allowed him to some extent become the fall guy publicly for the the lies of Hanley, Kot, and himself.

The FBI documents listed on the letter can be found on this website, and are included in the PDF linked above.

– Open letter to Mr. Charles Ridulph

Mr. Charles Ridulph


Sycamore, IL 60178

October 12, 2013

Mr. Ridulph,

The following is from the FBI reports I have attached to this letter related to the timing of Maria Ridulph’s abduction, and the involvement of Jack McCullough:

5:50 PM – Girls went out to play – Frances Ridulph, page 1

6:00 PM (about) – Girls playing on corner – Kay Ridulph, page 10

6:00 PM or 6:05 PM – Girls playing on corner – Frances Ridulph, page 1

6:10 PM – “The timing of Ridulph’s disappearance was so uncertain — she may have vanished as early as 6:10 p.m. — that McCullough could have snatched the girl, then later made the phone call, Campbell said.” –

6:15 (about) – Maria went out to play – Michael Ridulph, page 6

6:05 PM – 6:15 PM – Girls playing, no man with them – Tom Braddy, oil truck driver — page 14

6:15 PM – Girls playing, no man with them – Frances Ridulph, page 1

6:20 PM (no later than)  – Larry Kot (Brion Hanley’s partner) “concluded that Maria was taken no later than 6:20 p.m.” — (CNN story 8/10/2013)

6:30 PM (approximately) – Girls playing on corner, no man with them – Kenneth Davy,  Mr. and Mrs. Roy Paiffer , page 12

6:30 PM – 7:00 PM (between) – Mrs. Stanely Wells, 2 children playing with an individual, page 12

6:30 PM (after) – Maria comes to get doll – Michael Ridulph, page 6

6:30 PM (after) — He recalled Maria went out to play after supper and sometime after 6:30 PM she came to get a doll to play with. — Charles Ridulph – FBI interview on December 4, 1957.

6:40 PM (about) – Maria ask mother for doll – Frances Ridulph, page 2

6:45 PM (about) – Kathy Sigman tells Mrs. Ridulph Maria is missing – Frances Ridulph, page 2

6:50 PM (about) – Kathy Sigman tells Charles Ridulph Maria is lost – Frances Ridulph, page 2

6:57 PM – Jack makes collect call from Rockford, verified by the FBI –  page 19

7:15 or 7:30 PM – Jack meets with Colonel FNU LIBERWITZ Air Force Reserve Commander in Rockford – page 17

7:30 PM (about) – Kay and Charles Ridulph go to Kathy Chapman’s house to inquire about disappearance.   Page 10

Mr. Ridulph,

There is simply no way Jack McCullough could have been involved in your sister’s disappearance, and certainly no way he could have raped her as you said, he simply was not in Sycamore at the time your sister was taken.   It is not just your parents and yourself that told the FBI your sister was seen after 6:30 pm, it was other people also, who’s names I am sure you recognize.   The payphone Jack called collect from was by the post office in Rockford, you know as well as any anyone he could not have made that drive in under 25 minutes, in the snow.  If your mother was correct on the time, he could not have flown a plane there in time to have made the call.  Forget the collect call, he could not have made it there in time to meet with Colonel Liberwitz before 7:30 pm if you, your mother and father are correct on the time.

You also know better than anyone of Kathy Chapman possitive identification of 5’4″,  36 year old Thomas Rivard on 12/22/1957.  You know that the photo line up Kathy picked Jack out of was a fraud in that he was the only one even coming close to her original descriptions she was reminded of by Mr. Hanley eight days before being shown the line up.  Forget the fact Brion Hanley over exposed his picture to make him more “white faced.”

I have to assume you understand that Jack did not take your sister.  I have to believe that by the time the reality set in Jack was not the “Johnny” of 1957, you were already too committed to his conviction.

It is not only sad for Jack’s family, but it really is sad for you.


Casey Porter

Copy of letter mailed to:


Mr. and Mrs.  Michael Chapman


Saint Charles, IL 60174

Mr. Chapman,

Attached is a copy of the open letter I sent to Charles Ridulph.

Over time I will be writing up a full analysis of Mrs. Chapman’s court testimony, and seemingly extraordinary selective memory related to events from 1957.  When I have finished this analysis I will post it at:  Though at this time you might find the page on the photo line up to be interesting.


Casey Porter


Mr. Donald M Thomas


Sycamore, IL  60178

October 16, 2013

Mr. Thomas,

Attached is a copy of the open letter I sent to Charles Ridulph.

If you have visited my blog at please note that it is still a work in progress.  I hope to add more information and analysis over time, although I do have a page related to your March 16, 2013 letter to the editor.


Casey Porter


Mr. Brion J. Hanley


Lake In The Hills, IL 60156

October 16, 2013

Mr. Hanley,

Attached is a copy of the open letter I sent to Charles Ridulph.

If you have visited my blog at please note that it is still a work in progress.  I hope to add more information and analysis over time.


Casey Porter