NOTE:  This page has not been updated for Mr. Richard Schmack’s 3/24/2016 court filing.  I am not making any updates in order to show the public what was publicly available to EVERYONE prior to the FIRST DAY OF TRIAL as part of the August 2012 court documents.  The COMPLETE timeline is here:  Richard Schmack March 25 2016 Exhibits


The following is directly from the FBI reports linked (SAOs) on the page Discovery File.  The documents listed below were included in the August 2012 court documents.  (These were public document once file, over two week before trial.)  In RED is what the prosecution said happened.  MISSING from this timeline is all the further reference to the timeline included in Richard Schmack March 25 2016 Exhibits, which only the prosecution and defense knew.

(remember Jack is in Rockford at the payphone at the post office no later than 6:56 PM, which the minimum point to point is 32.8 miles):

5:50 PM – Girls went out to play – Frances Ridulph, Maria’s mother (SAO 2979)

6:00 PM (about) – Girls playing on corner – Kay Ridulph, Maria’s sister. (SAO 2703)

6:00 PM (about) – … Maria Ridulph and her eight year old friend Cathy Sigman were playing near their homes at the intersection of Archie Place and Center Cross St. in Sycamore Illinois.  They were last seen playing about six PM on that date. (Statement of Probably Cause, approved by Clay Campbell Charging_Papers )

6:00 PM or 6:05 PM – Girls playing on corner – Frances Ridulph, Maria’s mother (SAO 2979)

6:10 PM – “The timing of Ridulph’s disappearance was so uncertain — she may have vanished as early as 6:10 p.m. — that McCullough could have snatched the girl, then later made the phone call, Campbell said.” —

6:15 PM (about) – She returned about six-fifteen.  Maria and Johnny were gone (Statement of Probably Cause, approved by Clay Campbell Charging_Papers ) 

6:15 PM (shortly there after) – After she reported the disappearance a second time, a massive search was undertaken by police and residents (Statement of Probably Cause, approved by Clay Campbell Charging_Papers ) – Remember, police records (see below) did not receive a call until 8:10 PM.

6:15 (about) – Maria went out to play – Michael Ridulph, Maria’s father (See FBI Documents from CNN Story (Mr. & Mrs. Ridulph interviews))

6:05 PM – 6:15 PM – Girls playing, no man with them – Tom Braddy, oil truck driver — (SAO 741 & SAO 2786)

6:15 PM – Girls playing, no man with them – Frances Ridulph, Maria’s mother (SAO 2703)

6:20 PM (no later than)  — Larry Kot (Brion Hanley’s partner) “concluded that Maria was taken no later than 6:20 p.m.” — (CNN story 8/10/2013)

6:30 PM (approximately) – Girls playing on corner, no man with them – Kenneth Davy,  Mr. and Mrs. Roy Paiffer (SAO 2669, 2674, 2777 & 2778)

6:30 PM – 7:00 PM (between) – Mrs. Stanely Wells, 2 children playing with an individual (SAO 2791)

6:30 PM (after) – Maria comes to get doll – Michael Ridulph, Maria’s father. (SAO 2710)

6:40 PM (about) – Maria ask mother for doll – Frances Ridulph, Maria’s mother (SAO 2704)

6:45 PM (about) – Kathy Sigman tells Mrs. Ridulph Maria is missing – Frances Ridulph, Maria’s mother (See FBI Documents from CNN Story (Mr. & Mrs. Ridulph interviews))

6:50 PM (about) – Kathy Sigman tells Charles Ridulph Maria is lost – Frances Ridulph, Maria’ mother (See FBI Documents from CNN Story (Mr. & Mrs. Ridulph interviews))

6:50 PM – Kathy comes to get her mittens – Mrs. Sigman (SAO 2981)

6:57 PM – Jack makes collect call from the Rockford Post Office (40 miles away) verified by the FBI, AND by Brion Hanley prior to the trial. –  (SAO 3154)

7:00 PM (about) – Mrs. Stanley Wells, and Elmer Westburn hear a girl scream.  (SAO 2790)

7:00 PM (about) – Maria was abducted, Police Chier William Hindenburg (below)

7:10 PM – Tom Braddy receives a call from Mrs. Cliff who informs him the Ridulph girl is missing.  An abduction time of 6:10 PM would mean no one started looking for Maria for an hour.  (SAO 741)

7:15 or 7:30 PM – Jack meets with Colonel FNU LIBERWITZ Air Force Reserve Commander in Rockford – (SAO 3076)

7:30 PM (about) – Kay and Charles Ridulph go to Kathy Chapman’s house to inquire about disappearance. (SAO 2719)

8:10 PM – The Dekalb County Sheriff’s Department receives a call about Maria missing.  (SAO 15)  [This means no one called the police about the missing girl for TWO HOURS after she was abducted based on Clay Campbell’s abduction time.]

8:15 PM – Start of search for Maria (see newspaper article)

9:30 PM – Doll found (see newspaper article)

6:00 PM – Time of abduction – Johnny Hilburn talks to both girl and asks them directions, Hilburn in May of 1958 was convicted of sexually molesting his five year old daughter.   (FBI report, not public, read by Author Jeff Doty of the book “Piggyback” while at the public defenders office in Sycamore, I personally verified this with the defense.)  Assuming for a minute that Johnny Hilburn is NOT the Johnny that took the girls, his involvement with them adds precious time to the timeline which already does not work.

Assume for a minute the abduction happened at 6:30, that means for Jack to have been involved he would have had to have AVERAGED 75.7 miles per hour (in the snow mind you.)   Meaning he would have been going at least 100 miles per hour over large portion of the drive, and that is for a 6:30 abduction time.   Once the abduction time is past 6:30, it becomes theoretically impossible.  All the times above are obviously a bit off from person to person, but taken all together the abduction was after 6:40.  There is no conceivable way for Jack to have been involved, no matter where you put the payphone in Rockford, no matter what the driving conditions were.  The payphone was at the post office, and that is in the middle of town.   Assuming for a minute that Jack is the guy, then you start having even more timeline issues after the abduction, what he did with her while meeting the military in Rockford, how he got to the body dumping location and back to meet in Rockford again with the military, and how in the world you fit in meeting Jan Edwards that night.