FS Complaint_McCullough

Casey gets subpoena

Amendment to Subpoena

Emails from persons involved:

Richard Schmack – All part of FOIA by CNN, linked at bottom of “Discovery File” page.

Gabriel Fuentes – Complete

Gabriel Fuentes Emails

Russell Ainsworth –

Aisha Davis – None found

Thomas McCulloch – None found

Regina Harris – Complete

Regina Harris Emails

Lynn McGuire – None found

Crystal Harrole – will take a while

Jan Edwards Swafford – None found

Jan Tessier – will take a while

Jeanne Tessier – None found

Chuck Ridulph – Located https://jackdmccullough.wordpress.com/open-letter-to-mr-charles-ridulph/  No other communications except a short introduction at the court.

Kathy Chapman (Sigman) – None Found

Kathy Caulfield – None Found

Cheryl Crain – None found

Pam Long – None found

Mary Hunt – None found

Dennis Twadell – None found