A person that has followed this case for a while will remember that the mobile home and cargo container owned by Jack McCullough in Tonasket, WA was searched as part of this case.  Following is the search warrant:

Tonasket Search Warrant


A few things are interesting about this search warrant:

1.  It was issued on 1/5/2012.  Now let us remember that Jack was arrested on 6/30/2011, based on sufficient evidence to take him to trial.  Yet, five months later the prosecution is still trying to “find” evidence.

2.  The Search warrant is focused on pictures of Christine Tessier naked or partially clothed, or the molestation or abuse or disappearance of Christine Tessier or any other individuals.

3.  There is a laundry list of other items searched for (please read the Warrant), but at the end, they threw in “mulitcolored sweater.”   I almost laughed out loud when I read that.   The idea that somehow the sweater that “Johnny” wore, that the Tessier sisters said Jack had, would be in a container 50 years later, after three marriages, and all the other events in Jack’s life… laughable to say the least.  And the sweater the Tessier sisters described does not even match the original description Kathy Chapman gave.


I was told they found sexual picture of girls under 18, though after looking at literally hundreds of Jack’s pictures, there is nothing under what I would think is 25 years old.  But, they said they found something.  What was taken from the container was a bunch of negatives.  Remember the police were looking at these negatives on January 5th, in freezing weather, I really doubt anyone could tell what age the women in the negatives were.  Nothing came of this though, two years later, the evidence is in some warehouse, and people just elude to what it really is.

The only thing that came of the search was the cargo container was left a mess.

Since the focus of this was on Christine Tessier, I have added a few pictures below:

Christine, and her baby:

Christine Tessier


Jack, Christine, and Sean Tessier


Jack and his (young) kids

Sue McCullough cleaning up the mess on November 1, 2014

Sue McCullough

Seattle Police Pictures from search: